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More importantly, I’ll be 23 by the time I’ve gained my degree, and my partner will be 35.Everything that we may want to do together will be at vastly different ages: getting married, having children, retiring, even dying! We belong to different generations, which can make for some very interesting conversations because we often have completely different perspectives on things.Colleagues told me that he was only using me for sex, or that I was just a fling to prove a point to his friends.Without knowing anything about us, people judged our relationship because they simply didn’t understand it.The other beauty about becoming more secure in our identities is that suddenly, society's judgments don't matter as much to us.

I’ve grown up thinking that age gap relationships aren’t a problem; my parents have 21 years between them and they’ve been married for just as long.So when I told them I was dating a guy who’s 12 years older than me, I knew they couldn’t object.However, there were plenty of other negative comments.This was not a big, earth-shattering deal for either of us.She, in fact, asked me out first, which was a gesture I greatly appreciated and one that I later reciprocated.I keep him young, and he is guiding me through becoming an adult and all the complications that comes with it.


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