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In November, Greer was arrested in a remote city in the southern Mexican state of Tabasco, according to law officials.

Tyler Therwhanger, 30, is accused of stabbing his mother, Cindy Therwhanger, 55, to death in November.

Burks' lawyer argued Bennett was abusive and manipulated her to play a part in the murder.

Clint Greenwood was gunned down on April 3 after pulling into the parking lot of the courthouse annex in Baytown where he worked.

The gang members reportedly killed her after she made an outburst against the gang members' Houston-area police performed numerous prostitution stings this year, but one of the most shocking includes the arrest of a Houston police officer.

Two attorneys and a teacher were also nabbed in the sex sting.

Rusher was rushed to the hospital after an unidentified suspect fired off 15 to 18 shots.

Police say they found her husband Daniel Burroughs, 60, had shot himself in the head with a shotgun as a SWAT team entered the home.The Chambers County Sheriff's Office say Mc Dowell confessed to murdering his ex-wife.William Joseph Greer, 52, is accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend in Houston in 2006.A 19-year-old Baytown woman is charged with murder after she allegedly shot and killed a man in the Highlands area on New Year's Eve.Yvonne Raquel Ramirez is being held in the Harris County Jail with bond set at ,000.Valerie Busick Mc Daniel and her boyfriend Leon Phillip Jacob were arrested after giving ,000 in cash and two pricey Cartier watches to an officer posing as a hitman.


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