1960s dating

Of course, you can still buy Tootsie Rolls today to use! You make the pretzel mix and shape it into the molds on the conveyor belt, turn crank slowly to allow pretzels to cook in the "oven" with light bulb. Pieces inside were: 1 Paper Play mat, 12 - 1" Trolls, 10 animals, 12 trees-bushes and hedges which included coconuts you attached on the palm trees, fishing pole, 2 gray small barrels, 3 kegs, 2 tree stumps, 2 brown fences, 4 blue walls, "wild horses canyon" sign, gray table, wagon, 16 rock formations, house, hut and 2 part cave.

Set came with mix, paper holders, utensils, mustard container shaped like a man and instructions. Kenner made some great toys but one of their most popular was the Give A Show Projector.

You could use the remote control (remember: the 60s remotes were actually attached by a wire - No radio controls yet! Well, when you turn the wheel a little, it aims the car - right or left. it moves the whole car along the rod - left or right to get on one of the roads. the plastic is raised with a bumpy surface.when you drive exactly in the middle - as you should, it presses up on that wheel in the middle of your car to allow the screen bulb to light up! While the record was playing, the slide would move up to the next scene.

), that was shaped like a microphone - either manually or with "voice activation." Robot Commando moves forward and fires missiles from his head and throws balls from his arms. Another one of the many cool toy inventions by Marvin Glass. The further you press on the pedal the faster the scrolling road moves. Many different Picturesound sets were made: Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, History, Science, Religion, Disney, later Sesame Street, etc.

With the sinks and dishwasher - you could actually pump water through them!Smaller items such as mixers, and hair dryers used batteries to operate them. Original issue was turquoise blue and later included other colors. The secret was the 100 watt light bulb that got the job done.Also, the kitchen appliances such as the ovens and washers came in 3 sizes. Set came in large box which included cake mix packages, trays, mixing bowls, utensils and cookbook. I can still remember baking our first cake and icing it. Inspired by the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." This is a very desirable and highly sought toy. Set includes 8 molds, a mold making machine, instructions and of course Tootsie Rolls.Marx was famous for it's fabulous, detailed play sets! It was battery operated and used short strips of cartoon cels with narration written on them, set in cardboard so that they could slide in & out of the front of projector.They made many dating back into the 1950s up to the 1970s. Terrific sets with tin litho buildings and miniature figures, weapons and vehicles. The light was behind the slides and you could focus the lens in front.The balls & rockets are stored in his base and there is a Compass down there too. Two acrylic balls, usually about 1.5" in diameter connected with a string. The idea was to hold the string, ring or paddle, and get the balls klacking each other - to eventually get the balls to travel in an upward arc to hit each other at a position. Taken off the market due to accidents with kids hitting each other with the hard balls.. Black plush body with rubber face, hands and shoes. Was introduced during the year of the Civil War Centennial. Large masonite board with paper litho - measures 26" x 20". Two plastic wands were included with magnets on them which would allow you to move the people and car about the house.


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