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I "Ol Cuiilbh BWffll M- ■ I WILL DO HOUSE cleanln Q. RESUMES, last protosalonal service: Typing manu- acflpta,' reporla, envelope nddreaalng. RENT;.2t00 sq.l L c Om- meredt • bidg., 820 Washington St. FORMER Amw My Diamond Diroct has new company paying 2X4 times as much. In* eluding good.bulldlnas and llquornicenso.- Pricoa rljihr •tt57. ■ again when Gerald Ford was chosen to replace Agnew. Chronlcle headlined: Reagan and Ford for GOP."— ... happened ftom tbe combined wires oftbe TIHES-NEWS DETROIT' — Henry, Kissinger said Thursday Gerald Ford proba- bly wbuld have been Ronald Reagan's running mate If negotia- tions bad continued four more hours. Kissinger, who appeared on all three televlslon oetworics, sald-ln an NBC Interview, however, that the talks "got down to the point that the Reagan pe out (about the talks) that it couldn't wait overnight. Lamar Alexander Thursday formally • :''recniested federal assistance to help Tennesseahs cope "^rith-tbe-heat- that has^'dalmed nearly ao. ^rd said hb finally 4o Id Reagan late Wednesdaynlghtthat "despite . Then contact: — FRANCHISE DIRECTOR Kim- 1091 INDOSnt YDWVC . Sf ATTU, WA9IIH _ ,.' CAU COIUCT (20«) S7S-I2f a ' - - (a06)t3f-»7SW««nlng. In 1975, Bush waa prominently-- mentioned as Ford's replacement Vfbea Nixon resigned,, but Nelson Late decision fooled piapers n GAGO-(UPI)-. Adeadllm was devel oping tlat n obody had Eht." Hieat wav€Meath& near; ' United Press biternatkmal . all our efforts, and despite the forthcoming attitude you've had, I must say In my Judgment our' -original mnclualoawas rightandl- ask you not to consider me as your running mate." _u He said Reagan replied: "Jerry, I remect yourdeclsion." Like Kis Hnger, Ford said, "If there had been more time, things might have ^ turned out dlf- ftrenlly." - , # Continued oh page A2 ''A-i Ttmfl^Mew8, TWIn Fall8,lclah'D , Frlday, Juty18,10n Details over Ford^s role nixed negotiations , ^-Continued from page Al j"l)iiiiig an latervtew with Walter .. OQ CBS, Kissinger said be i Dlned the effort to get Ford on the 'tldket at Tleagan's request — not . ' At various points during the even- ■4 n^e for him In a Reagan ad- Ing, tbe networia— particularly CBS _'minlstra Uon but beaure lhe.-=3iraaiclttag"authorativ B Fur L tte soiucea said, resisted the Idea, cltbiga rangeof reasons wby it - woutdn't-wufc-But et-the end,--lteler said, be allowed them to cbatinue their efforts, mostly because **he fielt lanwionslb Ulty-tottei Munt ^^ l inch Mto- ihft get Carter 01 ' *" " " bad been tbe the dark suit be had worn v4ille lylate addrraslng the convention, three _ . " BABYSIT^NQ,- Hy^ hom«^- 008 _ Salei PBinit B ' gramrpald'istck'leave,' paid B~ irsbnai leave. contact: Twin Falls School DUlr Wf Mil, Larry Baxter. ^Wrho vc 'ft S-opefoting- i tor w on 'the'Wat I Cooit '' each on* backed bv- o eompr. Wppori' .' progrom covering oil pho Mi of lh« iiore o Miro- - 1 ion^Our. ' t»r thy e Kd Hng world ot phatogrophu, w* hav« on ''j opiro Jinb flto're'avallabi* In fwii. 89 NOW LEASING sh Op Space ,ln the new Lincoln Plaza Shopping Center In Jerome, i: Ws~noocl~a-drau-sh BK besuty salon, card & gill sh Op, fabric shop or sandwich shop, Ready far ..

On qiilbf Circle sfroot.' 4 bodroom, 2 both,- 2-ga S"fichool» ond ihopping, Voiy nico 4 bod- room. Coiy (omity room ■ wilh lovoty brick firopfoio, doyilghl batomont wllh outilde onlronce, dock oil dining area, double garage & SCO Onn JUSI one glance S yeu' will know 0£,3UU iiui -mo 11 lor you I Very nkely dec- orotoo. Toiai olocirk wllh central olr, III opiate, Sawioeih School area. I ' fenced yard, plut beoutilul pallo ft I double carport. fomlly ■ room, fireplace, nicely detaraie'ar'fl partial bosemeni. Double I garage wilh auio-|irei TC~a6tn T~r '68,500 '69,900 '76,000 '85,500 BEAUTIFUL UNIQUE-SPLIT ENTRV hill- tide heme on one acre.' Top quality I throughout thiv 4 yeor old with wood I window*, evollc lighting, cuilom I cabinolv ft wirod for lound tytlom. Owiiiii lookmc) lot LOBE 733-2626 REALTY MHr.-Nor— glvei you country living only minulei from town. This ono won't lost long so » call D[cff "rdom, confral air and- energy offlclenf * aluminum siding. Miilobli- for ii'toil or [l Ill^.'^^nl"lll ullid'*. "Together let us make this a new beglnnmg," be said. "Let us pledge to ' restore^ In our time, (he American -Bplrl L"-^^^ "Thls convention has shown to all ' America a party unltedrwlth poaltlvt ~~^SSIeina;' ajiarty^rrady^ build a . *: "I pledge to restore to the federal flsvemment the cnudty .|he 'i VOi B' federal itovenmient is cfnir-~' gn}waandover«elgbt,"he8ald.'itls' tune for our govenmwnt to go on -a Rohald Jieagan^ndliis-wlfe J^i -^Ete8y Raa-sald*he-would-lmpose:'*an-' Immediate and tborough u'eexe on' j»Bwiii«na«»cncy. SHL;.s5s "Any program that rapcesaiti a maplutocuttaxa SOpefcair ■ waale ol (ta«payer) money ^ i thejl ','Biil vt Bhotild not Stop here," he from their pocketbooks — must go,v Said, proposing busioesstox breaks as Iw said. 'R«ac(an had 'lianh 'words .'for a Kttmn so big and powerful that It ta Carter adndnlstratlon diaracterized Beyond contn^. People A7 Sporis B5-7 Valley life C2-8 Weather AZ West B4 nie. ''*' 'an-a8r^ with the Departnwnt of Ecayimlc Development. ABC, Barbara Walters ported that -Ford and' Reagan reached agreement on a plan ua- -der-which'the^presldent-wou Id~ make broad dedslons as "chief ex^tive officer" and the vice president would carry them out as '.'(Aletoperatlois officer." . _ ' ■^n another Interview, "NBC'cor- re^ndent John Chancellor asked . Zh -RN will care fpr 2 (nfan U In* her nbme Monday ihru Sunday, ' steady Only, 'no drop4na.734-7Sa L- .. FAMILY MAN new lo Mato ■Wilt work hard^ men L ' Business Opportunitlet^; ARE YOU LOOKING for a sound busl^ ness proposition? Open beapv open itoirwoy, balcony, family room, unique bothroem arrangement, 3 , bedroomi n7x1B mailer luiie with moiter , boih), conlral vacuum, cuitom doilgrv- od and docorotod. Loti ol [ SPACt OUS -ft- GRACIOUS lotal" brfel T'l Colonial homo, Locoiod on largo boau- lilulty londicopod lot in'o Kcolloni Jo- romo oroo, 6 bedroomt, 3 botfii, 3 lomity roomi wilh wol bori. Underground-tinkling, I polio a(id_doublq_garos D,. beautl lul coblnoti, wel bar and large rock I flroplaco in lomlly room, roc rooi largo itorogo room, garden window dining oroo and morol Locoiod on boaulllulty londicapod acre in nc mooo COX, VEEH_rn_ t^RASMUSSEN i B.


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