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• The Egyptian Vulture's scientific name is Neophron percnopterus.Neophron is an unsavory character in Greek Mythology who the gods turned into a vulture as punishment for his wicked ways.Though the differences can be subtle and sometimes complex, generally speaking, a juvenile Egyptian vulture has very dark feathers over most of its body.Each year, the young vulture's feathers grow in a bit lighter than the previous year, until it reaches adulthood and is nearly completely white.Egyptian Vultures are considered partial migrants - meaning that individuals living in some part of the species' range migrate, while others remain in one general area all year round.Adult Egyptian Vultures might rival the New World’s King Vulture as one of the most beautiful of all the vulture species.

Where once this species was relatively plentiful, it has now become quite scarce.The Egyptian Vulture has a whitish head, back and chest.Its wings are also mostly white, but its black primary and secondary feathers make for a lovely contrast of color.This is likely due to multiple reasons, including poisoning, electrocution, collisions with wind turbines, human persecution and ingesting lead when feeding on carcasses of animals that had been shot with lead bullets.Despite all of these threats, however, the Egyptian Vulture was holding on, but things took a turn for the worse several years ago.• Egyptian Vultures are one of the few bird species known to use tools!


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