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In the last years, a lot has been going on in the space of data interoperability.

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This latter group has produced Wheat Data Interoperability Guidelines, which include potential use cases and ontologies to support adoption and use in the agricultural and related domains.Sinds 1 november 2017 zijn we de volgende fase van integratie ingegaan.Dit houdt in dat de naam ZET solutions zal verdwijnen en gaan we verder onder de naam Unified Post B. Onze IBAN, BTW- en Kv K nummer blijven ongewijzigd.Harmonized data and information exchange standards in agri-food sector are also on the agenda of a Horizon2020 project - e ROSA project that aims to elaborate a vision and a roadmap to develop e-infrastructures in agricultural research.Among others, e ROSA will: (1) Support interoperability across data sources and agree on open, cross-disciplinary and shared standards co-defined with communities to ensure their adoption;(2) Develop appropriate business models for data sharing and related services, especially for our “common goods” such as those supporting semantic interoperability and data discovery.De app bevat bijna 400 foto's van meer dan 100 onkruiden in verschillende ontwikkelingstadia.


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