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So, armed with my first digital camera (back in 1995), I decided to create my own handbook on Japanese Buddhism (with the help of my scanner as well). As I try to understand and categorize, the topic keeps expanding. But along the way, l hope we can both -- you the reader and me the digger -- find joy and insight.

Maybe one day I’ll finally have the “perfect” handbook, but for that to happen, I’ll need to keep digging deeper into the vast terrain of Buddhist art, faith, mythology, and superstition. (our sister estore selling Buddhist statuary)is a member of the above Web Ring. Most sell goods from Tibet and India, while Buddhist-Artworkfeatures Buddha statues from Japan.

Louis Co., IN made Lot: 8034 - VINTAGE NATIVE AMERICAN DEER JAW BALEEN SLED Measures approximately 10 1/2" end to end. Face, Dial, Hands: john Lot: 8052 - COBALT BLUE MURANO GLASS CARNIVAL WALKING STICK Free of damage measures 36 inches. Some pitting and feather scratches present to cane. .999 fine silver / 31.1 gram "International Trade Round" coin lot. Great nostalgic Lot: 8245 - LARGE ELECTRIC TONKA FIRE RESCUE MODEL TRUCK Battery powered Tonka fire truck, measuring roughly 34 inches.

In very Lot: 8017 - LOT OF 4 EARLY AMERICAN WEAPON RELATED ITEMS Includes 18th century brass rifle bullet mold, flint lock musket tool (one-piece construction), and wooden bullet block. Lot: 8018 - PRE COLUMBIAN ARTIFACT KNEELING STONE FIGURE Pre Columbian sculpture is in good condition, 3.5 inches in height x 2.5 inches in length and 2 inches at widest point ,facial features are distinguishable there is pitting and discoloration consistent with age and right shoulder is chipped 1cm Lot: 8019 - WOOD AND GLASS 24 X 10 X 2 INCH DISPLAY CASE Does not have key. Lot: 8022 - PRE COLUMBIAN ANIMAL EFFIGY VESSEL POTTERY PIPE Unauthenticated Pre- Columbian style animal effigy, possibly a dog, pipe in good condition with some minor chipping on teeth, knee and slice on back. Lot: 8024 - ANCIENT MISSISSIPPIAN GAME STONE DISCOIDAL Ancient game piece from Mississippian culture. IL with broad and some horizontal flaking, 3 3/8 inch Snyder from south Ohio made from Hornstone with fine flaking but one large depression to lower left, and one 3 inch stemless point from Sonora Meade Lot: 8030 - ARCHAIC AND LATER ARROWHEAD BLADE POINT LOT OF 4 4 blade/points. Lot: 8037 - OREODON UPPER SKULL FOSSIL BRULE FORMATION NE Oreodo upper skull fossil from the Brule Formation, Oligocene, Nebraska. Please know your location regulations prior to bidding. Lot: 8109 - ANTIQUE 1 GALLON TRIMBLE SPRINGS STONEWARE JUG TN Antique one gallon "Trimble Springs Whiskey - Edelmon Distillery Co." stoneware jug (Nashville, TN). Lot: 8212 - MODEL 1879 AWCO WALTHAM POCKET WATCH 18S NICKEL Nickel finish with engraved design to back, flip up Wm. Lot: 8218 - CHICAGO ELECTRIC WELDING PORTABLE TORCH KIT Some show of use present to welder. Box is hand carved and colored depicting the queen of hearts on the frontal side of the box. Electrical systems have not been tested with batteries. EMD F-3 AA Diesel "Union Pacific 2-Rail" electric train set. First the confederate heroes collection in original tin with paper work. They are the same except each has a different pictures on the handle. Case XX Silver Stardust Tiny Toothpick pocket knife (Item #75011). Lot: 8286 - CLIP POINT BOWIE KNIFE W CARVED STAG HORN GRIP Blade measures 6.75 inches, tooled brass fittings, bear image carved into died horn grip.

Lot: 8020 - 18TH CENTURE GROUND PONTIL ONION SKIN WINE BOTTLE Has tag stating found on Cickasaw site on E. Whites farm in Lee county Mississippi 1972, very good original condition stands 10 inches. Measurements 6 inches high and 3.5 inches in diameter Lot: 8023 - VINTAGE NATIVE NAVAJO HAND WOVEN BLANKET 91 X 44 Beige background with geometric design, flower and leaf border to each side, colors of red, pink, black, and orange. Includes: 3 1/8 inch Fort Payne blade from Snyders, TN with broad flaking and pink color at top, 3 7/8 inch Dovetail from Missouri with a snapped base and horizontal flaking, 3.75 inch Burlington chert blade from Arkansas with Lot: 8031 - 3 ARCHAIC TO MISSISSIPPIAN BLADE KNIFE POINTS Lot includes: 6.75 chert hoe from Missouri, marked Johnson with broad flaking and thick, 4 3/8 inch Nodena with broad flaking and patina wear, and 4.75 inch Lamine knife from Missouri made from white chert with darker gray blue inclusions. Face, Dial, Hands: john Lot: 8050 - FOSSIL MAMMOTH & SILVER TOPPED WALKING STICK Top weigh less than 40 grams and is atop a unmarked silver wrap, clear 90 degree Schreger lines in the top, some finish loss and a replaced ferrule tip, measures overall 34 inches. Lot: 8059 - ANTIQUE POLISHED BURL WOOD WALKING STICK CANE Very nice burl wood veneer cane, some loss on handle but over 90% intact, original ferrule tip measures 35 inches. Box measures 5 inches by 2.5 inches by 3 inches high. Lot: 8244 - ANTIQUE LIONEL CONSTRUCTION KIT NO 232 Antique Lionel Construction Kit (No. Comes with original 1948 instruction manual and detailed chart of all included parts. Lot: 8270 - MTH EMD F3 AA DIESEL UNION PAC ELECTRIC TRAIN SET M. Lot: 8283 - RARE VINTAGE MINIATURE BOKER BRAND GERMAN KNIFE Very scarce Vintage Miniature Boker Brand German made knife, Boker is one of the oldest and foremost German blade smiths located originally in Solingen. Case XX Silver Stardust Tiny Toothpick pocket knife (Item #75011). Lot: 8285 - CASE XX SILVER STARDUST TINY TOOTHPICK KNIFE 75011 W.

living large and loving all those who cross my path.

Lot: 8001 - THOMAS FREEBAIRN WILSON WATERCOLOR LANDSCAPE Thomas Freebairn Wilson (British, d. Some Lot: 8174 - VINTAGE NAUTICAL BRASS LIGHTHOUSE TABLE LAMP Vintage Maritime brass table lamp in good condition, very heavy and could use a new plug. Lot: 8179 - ANTIQUE 19TH CENTURY REDWARE EARTHEN GREEN JUG Acquired from a farm in New England, purely utilitarian and built to last, rich dark green, stands 11 inches and is very good. Measurements height 9 inches and 8 inches in diameter. Stones vary in color and clarity, but appear eye clean. Includes war planes, trucks, dinosaur, boats and much more. Lot: 8237 - VINTAGE OR NEWER TONKA & NYLINT TOY FIRE TRUCK LOT Lot includes three (3) trucks and one (1) fire truck playset. The hilt, or tsuka, is decorated with a tiger motif, as is the metal saya, or scabbard. Scabbard has some Lot: 8302 - ANTIQUE EARLY CAVALRY SWORD UNMARKED WOOD GRIP Curved rounded blade measures 24.5 inches, large metal hilt, wood grip, and brass cap, leather washer still in place. Overall in good condition, with some rust to Lot: 8323 - US INDIAN WARS M1873 SOCKET BAYONET AND SCABBARD Bayonet for a Springfield M1873 rifle, commonly used in the Indian Wars. Scabbard has loss of finish and oxidation but free from dents. Lot: 8328 - WWII TURKISH MAUSER M1935 BAYONET W FROG & SCABB Steel construction with wood grips, metal scabbard, and leather frog.


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