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The lepers came back and informed the king of Israel so that he could send men on the trail of the Syrians.They travelled quickly to the banks of the Jordan River but found no traces [of the Damascus soldiers].Yūrām, king of Israel, and Ukhuziyā, king of Judah, came out against him.Yāhū shot a dart which struck Yūrām, king of Israel, in the heart, and he killed him and cut off his head.The messenger replied to the prophet Elisha: “But such a thing is completely impossible”.Elisha answered: “Well instead it will be like this.He then sent to tell the prophet Elisha: “Did you not say that God would give me the victory over my enemy? ” The prophet Elisha answered the messenger: “Tell the king: ‘Tomorrow, at this same hour, God will grant you the victory over your enemy.At the city gate of Samaria flour will be sold at a dirham for a waybah and barley at a dirham for two waybah'” (11).

At any moment one of them might do what Elisha does below, and anoint some ambitious man as a rival king, whereupon civil war would ensue. He reigned for eight years over Judah, in Ūrashalīm.

As for the messenger who had accused the prophet Elisha of lying, when he saw all this he died at the gate of the city because of the great crowds and the crush.

After this Yūrām, king of Judah, went out against the Rūm who were in ash-Sharāh and massacred them (16).

Ukhuziyā, king of Judah, fled but Yāhū pursued him and covered him with wounds.

However he managed to escape, and he took refuge in Mighiddū (22) and died there.


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