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They had us suck on ice cubes while we filmed so our breath wouldn't show. " he teased.*goes back and rewatches to see if their breath shows on camera* #ACS #Another Cinderella Story #10years Fun fact: we shot this in Vancouver in the dead of winter and it was FREEZING.

They had us suck on ice cubes while we filmed so our breath wouldn't show.

From 8 to 13, four or five days a week that’s all I did.

DS: Probably the black-and-white ball scene, the big finale scene.

The 26-year-old actor, whose voice was blended with Zac Efron‘s in the original (on Sunday)? DS: Hip-hop, tango, there’s a big tango scene, ballroom dancing… So all that kind of boy-band dancing stuff is in there too. DS: Yeah, the first things I did before singing and acting, my parents got me into ballet, tap, jazz, all that kind of stuff.

It’s not really a sequel, its kinda it’s own movie.

I had three cameras going and had one take of the song, and got the audience and just hoped for the best. It’s for the secret track on the album, track 14, “New classic” (acoustic remix). JJ: In one of your interviews you said you’re a shoe guy. I don’t like to talk about my personal life too much but I do it through my songs. JJ: You were born in Canada–are you a US citizen too?

, the first of three direct-to-video sequels in the franchise.


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