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In addition to that, security and privacy are enhanced by a strict no-logs policy.

Since the company is based in Honk Kong, Hidester VPN doesn’t keep any record of your activity online.

Of course, when it comes to our privacy and safety, the price should never be a primary factor leading our decision.

In simple words, you have become anonymous and difficult to be tracked down. The first one is, of course, Open VPN which is the most secure protocol available at the moment.

Or do something like Anonymizing data can be tricky and if not done correctly can lead you to trouble, like what happened to AOL when they released search data a while back.

Things may lead you to be able to figure out who the data belonged to using things such as behavioral analysis and other data points that you might not consider sensitive. This is easier than it sounds if you understand the database.

For your subscription you may pay using: The fact that Bitcoins are accepted is a big plus for privacy.

Bitcoin is an excellent option for users that want to keep even their subscription to Hidester VPN anonymous.


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