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Ashton is sticking to sitcoms, now starring in his Netflix comedy "The Ranch." The series was Ashton's answer to appealing to his fellow Midwesterners (he grew up in Iowa), a part of the country he says isn't represented nearly enough on TV."There really wasn't anything that was servicing the middle of America," he told Howard.

Growing up, Ashton was a big fan of the series "Roseanne" and its blue-collar characters. "It made me feel like my family wasn't alone in our struggles."Now, he hopes his own series can achieve the same thing for those watching at home.

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Obviously, Kunis is loving life now, but she said the time they spent apart to grow as individuals before becoming a couple was vital. He can call me out on everything, and I can do the same, because there’s nothing about the other person’s face that we don’t know.I think for the first time ever he took my breath away.I was like, f--k, he's good-looking."After that fateful reunion, Kutcher invited Kunis to his housewarming party.' And I’m like, ' F--k.'" That honesty with each other is what forms the bedrock of their marriage."There’s nothing we don’t know about each other because we’ve known each other for so long: the ugly, the bad, the good," she explained. "It wasn't gonna live or die on me," Ashton told Howard, expressing that so long as the show could remain funny, it would remain a hit.


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