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DWM features an ongoing comic starring the current incarnation of the Doctor, though for a period between 19, when the series was off the air, it featured previous Doctors.Notable writers and artists who have worked on the comic include John Wagner, Mike Mc Mahon, John Ridgway and Ian Edginton.Originally geared towards children, DWM has grown into a more mature magazine exploring the behind-the-scenes aspects of the series.Due to its longevity, it is seen as a source of 'official' and exclusive information, sharing a close relationship with the television production team and the BBC.Panini has begun to digitally restore and reprint older DWM comics in trade paperback format.Nineteen volumes have been printed so far: two featuring the comics adventures of the Fourth Doctor, one with the adventures of the Fifth Doctor, two featuring the Sixth Doctor, two with the adventures of the Seventh Doctor, four focusing on the Eighth Doctor, one with the adventures of the Ninth Doctor, three featuring the Tenth Doctor, and four collecting the adventures of the Eleventh Doctor.

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The television programme was revived in 2005, providing a new generation of fans which the magazine was seeking to attract.

The strip is known for its characters who are depicted as having no pupils in their eyes.

Between 1989 and 92 "The Comic Assassins" was a series of parody strips by Steve Noble and Kev F. In the 1990s a secondary serious comic was featured on the inside cover; for many issues this was "The Cybermen", a series of tales set on Mondas prior to the events of The Tenth Planet, explaining the back-history of the Cybermen.

" (compiled by 'The Watcher'), a comedy page with such recurring features as, 'A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects', 'Supporting Artist of the Month', a spoof 'Top Ten', the 'Stockbridge English Dictionary' (a varation on a game from I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue) and a true or false quiz "The Six Faces of Delusion".

Prior to this, the slot was taken up by a page called "Who on Earth is...", featuring a short interview with someone previously (or currently) involved in Doctor Who (say, a member of the cast).


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