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One who is a veritable shoo-in for a special election, when newspapers’ campaign coverage is not stretched countrywide, is more likely still.This is not to dismiss the quality of local coverage in Alabama; it is to recognize the outsize attention given to this race, and how a rush of journalistic resources could unearth news of this kind.The women say they don’t know one another.”Moore has implied the allegations against him couldn’t be true because of their timing. This is a natural process—and it has no bearing on whether or not Leigh Corfman’s story is credible. Some were proven true, and the left didnt seem to care about his actions towards women. What I do know is that I find it very intriguing that people wait until right before an election.But the timing makes sense, upon further review: The rumors about his behavior have circulated in Alabama for years, and they were investigated and fully reported only when he suddenly became a serious contender for the U. I am trying not to go down the conspiracy theory road, but democrats AND republicans spent a crap ton of money trying to get people other then Moore in office.To wit: an Alabama state representative suggested Corfman may be guilty of some criminal offense for “lying and interfering with a political process.” D’Souza implied she was a liar.

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As long as it is legal, age is nothing more than a number..Lindsay wore an off-the-shoulder orange dress that extended well past her knees, sporting a number of frills on the frock's plunging hemline.The American actresses' dark brunette locks were tied into a parted bun that hung low over her shoulders, and she accessorised with a pair of pink hoop earrings.The couple posed for snaps on the red carpet at the exclusive event, which aims to raise awareness for adoption rates of children and support World Adoption Day on November 9.He rocked a slightly rugged look, with his spiky facial hair extending all over his cheeks, which connected with his thick sideburns.reporters contacted and interviewed the four women.


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