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In My Best Thing Stark not only takes the anxieties of inclusion in the Venice Biennale as her subject, but muses on her connection with the character of the director in the Fellini film who finds it impossible to describe his own film, and discusses the problem of durational videos and their audience in busy art settings.

Stark has also long been interested in the idea of art as a kind of wastage of time: in My Best Thing her character discusses the connection between art and web-sex, wondering if ‘art is maybe the opposite of working in the sense that it is a form of resistance to productivity, as is masturbation, wasted seed.’ Stark uses humour throughout My Best Thing, representing sex through toy figures and registering the absurdity of a sexual encounter that is interrupted by malfunctioning webcams.

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There are no animated representations of sex-acts, nor of sex-organs, simply graphic dialogue about these acts and body-parts.

These virtual sexual encounters are the basis for a relationship and a discussion of several interrelated subjects, most notably Stark’s taste in dancehall music; the meaning and authenticity of virtual relationships initiated through web-sex; the nature of artistic anxiety, creativity and pedagogy; and the increasingly tense political situation in Italy.

Produced at a moment when artists are increasingly sceptical about the way social life is commodified through social network sites such as Facebook, My Best Thing posits a more optimistic outlook with the idea that random sex-based encounters can sow the seeds of meaningful discussion and social connection.

Further reading Frances Stark, Collected Writing: 1993–2003, London 2003.


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