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4540, for work on the navy schooners Dispatch and Advice; and draught no.4541, for supplementing the building of the Dispatch and Advice.The money has been used to make new office space and upgrade homes.Andrew Dias, General Manager at the West End Development Corporation (WEDCO), said: The work was always in the pipeline but was given fresh impetus as a result an insurance payout from recent hurricanes and the Americas Cup.Once the renovations, which include a complete interior restoration including additional bathrooms and layout improvements, have been completed, first use will go to the ACBDA until the end of the Americas Cup.The Spar Lane Apartments are being given a new lease of life and once work is finished they will again be used as homes.Later called HMS Malabar, it has remained empty since the Royal Navy left Dockyard in 1995.

The building was constructed in 1899 as the residence of the Office-in-Charge of Works.We are investing an enormous sum of money and we will see the transformation or protection of many buildings.When finished, we anticipate that it will be home to a range of commercial activities adding even more life and more attractions to Dockyard.Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala I am 23 year old pure bottom.I like to be a girl and crossdress and I am looking for mature uncles above 50 who can treat me like a girl sissy If you like to chat,my - id is rinukutty Calicut, Kerala Mature male who feel like a woman looking for a man's love. I want to love you, satisfy you and give you all the pleasures as a good wife.Many of the buildings being renovated will be used by people from the Americas Cup as well as the ACBDA team, but after that, they will be available to locals.


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