Camel costumes for adults

This costume does not include the robe or headpiece.

Get everything you need to pull off an awesome church Christmas pageant without busting your budget!

Find Nativity decorations, Nativity costumes and much, much more that will become mainstays of your church's Christmas program for years and years.

Angels, shepherds, stable animals and Jesus, Mary and Joseph costumes - get it all for both kids and adults right here!

Some are so ridiculous that other guests at the Halloween/costume party will think that only the most insane people could come up with such an outfit.

These costumes are for the adventurous type who wants to make an impression that will last for a long time.

They either come with a prop that enhances the joke or play on the name to make the presentation of the costume that much funnier.

A selection of high quality mascot costumes were designed and created by us to enhance the visitor experience.If you serve great coffee, then you'll need a great mascot.... Part of the art of designing and making mascots is how to bring complex entities into a practical form. Branded for a Casino this costume was one of three that wandered around promoting the opening of the Casino! Big enough to 'catch the eye', yet small enough to be practical for storage and transporting from one store to another.Plane mascots have been very popular with airlines and travel agents alike.Another example of one of the fantastic mascot costumes designed and created by us for ZSL London and Whipsnade Zoos.Frenzy can produce mascot costumes that can really suspend audience disbelief as we aspire to obscure the silhouette of the wearer as much as we can!We can fess up to the fact that one of the funniest things is seeing a man in a dress, and it's made even more hilarious when that outfit is utterly silly.


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