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He also has a problem with authority, and often ignores the gang's attempts to control his dysfunctional behavior.

He has green eyes, and unkempt hair, as well as a scruffy beard.Though his general intelligence, logic and grip on reality seem to be sorely deficient, Charlie is actually one of the most socially skilled and aware members of the gang, though this is not saying much.He frequently displays a greater awareness of, and concern for, social taboos, such as what is racist or anti-semitic, than other members of the gang, particularly Mac and Dee.Charlie is a co-owner of Paddy's Pub, but he sold most of his shares to Dennis and Mac for, among other things, half a sandwich .The most tedious and disgusting janitorial tasks at the bar are referred to as Charlie Work, even when Charlie is temporarily spared from performing them.Even when directly told his ideas are wrong or bad, he refuses to leave them behind, often attempting a compromise or outright denying his errors - for example, when told that the twist in The Sixth Sense was not that the main character was played by Bruce Willis, he tried to claim that the film had multiple twists.


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