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in repairing and fortifying the several works, and beautifying the apartments in it [Dover Castle]." Hasted's Hist. iv., by the advice Of Lord Cobham, expended 10,0001. THE POETICAL WVORKS OF JOHN SKEL T O N: PRINCIPALLY ACCORDING TO THE EDITION OF THE REV. BOSTO'r N: LITTLE, BROWN AND COMPANY NEW YORK: BLAKEMAN AND MASON. Lady Bes] Edward married, May 1st, 1464, the Lady Elizabeth Grey, widow of Sir John Grey, and daughter of Wydevile Lord Rivers by Jacquetta (or Jacqueline) Duchess of Bedford.

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Hightes yn Building, and brought up the other Part likewise from the Foundation with Stone and mervelus fair cumpacid Windoes to layyng of the first soyle for Chambers and ther lefte." Dtin.

"For all is but a cherie feire, This worldes good, so as thei tell." Gower's Conf.

"And that endureth but a throwe, Right as it were a cheriefeste." Id.

" It does not appear into whose hands the Tattershall estate fell after the death of the Lord Treasurer Cromwell [in 1455], until the year 1487, when Henry VII.

Ipurchased Tetersall] I have not found elsewhere any mention of Edward the Fourth having possessed Tattershall Castle in Lincolnshire.


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