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Hi, I have not been able to install "vendor autoload" and I don't want to because when I will transfer my website onto a hosted 1&1 platform, I will not have composer or php available for Geo Ip2 installation. Therefore, I tried to use require_once with each library contained inside the src/Geo Ip2/ require_once 'Geo Ip2/Provider Interface.php'; require_once 'Geo Ip2/Json Serializable.php'; require_once 'Geo Ip2/Exception/Geo Ip2Exception.php'; require_once 'Geo Ip2/Exception/Http Exception.php'; require_once 'Geo Ip2/Exception/Address Not Found Exception.php'; require_once 'Geo Ip2/Exception/Invalid Request Exception.php'; require_once 'Geo Ip2/Model/Country.php'; require_once 'Geo Ip2/Model/City.php'; require_once 'Geo Ip2/Model/City Isp Org.php'; require_once 'Geo Ip2/Model/Omni.php'; require_once 'Geo Ip2/Database/Reader.php'; use Geo Ip2\Database\Reader; function Get Geo Ip2Array() And I still get this error when executing : Fatal error: Class 'Max Mind\Db\Reader' not found in my_web_folder\geolocalisation\Geo Ip2\Database\on line 56 If I replace the use directive by the one suggested in the error above, I get this error : Fatal error: Class 'Max Mind\Db\Reader' not found in my_web_folder\geolocalisation\geolocalisation_by_on line 44 Could you please help me : You will need to install Max Mind DB.

It should be standalone just like the Reader should be standalone.

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