Christchurch dating ideas

And it’s not all about the beer: you’ll love the live music and the sensational bar snacks.

Our top picks include pork belly crackling, churros and the best onion rings in Christchurch. Skull-embossed wallpaper doesn’t exactly shout “date night”, but you won’t regret having one for the road – or two, or three – at King of Snake.

Tinder can still be a significant drain on emotional, temporal and financial resources.

What made the challenge possible is the Tinder phenomenon. But most guys on Tinder are looking for relationships, or at the very least "something more than a one-night stand". I forget to reapply lipstick, it's at an (ironic) workingmen's club and when we first chatted on Tinder he opened with "on a scale of one to 10, how far away am I from that ass? My date has a strong Irish accent - arriving here a week ago - and this doesn't help the conversation flow. It's deceptively easy: download the app, log in through Facebook and your profile is already live.

A smartphone dating app, Tinder allows users to upload five photos, their first name, age and a brief profile. "I think I've finally got it down to a fine art and don't want to miss all the girls who would've swiped left for me (rejected their profile) the first time."Charming, intelligent and a former topless waiter ("it was empowering"), he says Tinder has changed dating. He's nabbed a job in China, leaving in three weeks. Kevin, on the North Shore, is using it to advertise for a flatmate (0 a week). After tonight he wants to "hang out" - my generation's synonym for date - until he leaves for China. It shows your first name, age, and is pre-populated with pictures from your Facebook account.

The outsourced Tindering was a success - she's up to date three with a chap who seems rather smitten. Some good, where conversation flowed and hours flew by, the super-sweet guy who sent a "mixtape" after our first date, the one I still catch up with as friends to compare and commiserate our dating adventures.

And of course, there was the bad - the guy who spent the entire date talking about his job in IT server maintenance, the one who wanted my opinion on whether his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend was better looking than him, and the lovely morning spent at the dog park with a guy who then never called.


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