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His son was Bhāskarabhatta, who was given the title of Vidyāpati by Bhojarāja (the Paramāra king of Dhārā from ca.

Further discussion of the Bījopanayacan be found in Dhirendranath Mukhopadhyaya.The Bījopanaya has been published twice: by Cintāmaṇi Raghunāthācārya and Taḍhakamalla Ven̄kaṭakṛṣṇa Rāya at Madras in 1876; and by Ekendranāth Ghosh at Lahore in 1926.The following deal with Bhāskara II and his works in general: Bhāu Dājī, “Brief Notes on the Age and Authenticity of the Works of Aryabhata, Varāhamihira, Brahmagupta.Mathematikerkongresses in Heidelberg (Leipzig, 1905), pp. 556–561; Sarada Kanta Ganguly, “Bhāskarācārya and Simultaneous Indeterminate Equations of the First Degree,” in Bulletin of the Calcutta Mathematical Society, 17 (1926), 89–98; M.Inamdar, “A Long Forgotten Method,” in Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, 9 (1927–1928), 304–308; A.Sewell, “The Siddhanta-siromai,” in Epigraphic Indica, 15 (1919/1920), 159–245; M.


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