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Fourth the predictions given by Daniel in the form of the interpretation of dreams and visions are remarkably accurate up to a point. These can readily be identified as the Babylonian, the Persian, the Greek and the divided Greek empire (after the death of Alexander the Great).He continues to tell the "future" with great accuracy.This is a crucial event in the history of the religion of Israel and would surely warrant a mention from any author of that period.Third it does not seem to be consistent with the facts that the Babylonians are presented as actively persecuting the Jews and attempting to destroy their religion.Matt is sharing with us his tips on how to make the first move, and even how to get around those “send me a sexy pic” texts when you might not be ready.As a major bonus, I’m partnering with Matt on giving you guys a free online styling session from me, for one lucky person who downloads one of his dating guides (personally I’m obsessed with this one, where he’s given you 9 possible texts to send to guys in any situation).

The synagogue and the canonization of the Torah have their origins in Babylonian Judaism, as, of course, does the Babylonian Talmud.He tells of "a mighty king who shall arise and rule with great dominion" who can be recognized as Alexander (336 - 323 BCE, (11:3).He "predicts" the division of the Greek empire after Alexander's death and the wars between the Ptolemies who rule in Egypt (the "kings of the south") and the Seleucids who rule in Babylon (the "kings of the north").The Babylonian king of 605 - 562 BCE was in fact called nabu-kuddurri-usur which should be transliterated into Hebrew script as Neuchadezzar (as it is in eg. The change of that one letter gives this name the same numerical value in Hebrew (which had no separate numbers and so used letters to represent numbers) as the name Antiochus Epiphanes.This is too coincidental to be accidental and too contrived to be miraculous.For any of my die-hard Plain Jane fans out there, I have a real treat for you guys today!


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