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In megalithic times, because of the greater obliquity - the moon from the high ground from northern parts of Island would have been circumpolar'.

Thom noted that the natural features in the surrounding landscape seemed to serve as distant markers for the rising and setting of the moon.

The isolatory nature of the island has made it a 'Petrie dish' of prehistoric life for researchers.

Regardless of this apparent isolation, the island retained a constant association with a form of Earth-mother worship, as reflected in the numerous female figurines and the rounded, almost anthropomorphic shapes of the temples themselves.

These two latitudes are 38˚ 33' N (Almendres), and 51 10' N (Stonehenge).

The Island of Malta served as a prehistoric complex for Earth-mother worship for well over a thousand years.

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Because the Earths axial tilt has changed by nearly half a degree since the majority of the stone circles were built, this effect is no longer accurate and the latitude today would have to be 63 north for a lunar standstill north to be truly circumpolar (3)'The moon from the Shetland Isles today is almost circumpolar, (when the moon is at its furthest north).

The main temple building phase on Malta was from around 3,500 - 3,000 BC, as at the other complexes above.

There are several examples of twinned temples, of especial interest is the Ggantija - Zhagra pairing on Gozo.

The Almendres stone circle shows different stages of development through the 4th to 5th millennium BC.

here are only two latitudes at which the Moon's maximum declination is the same as the latitude (meaning that at its maximum elongation it goes through the zenith - directly overhead).


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