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Two acts: 2 hours - 1 set 7M: two 18, four 20s, one 38 Galatea Harry, a painter, invites a young model, Eli, to pose for him.

Harrys attraction to Eli disturbs both Harrys longtime partner Georgie and Elis boyfriend Freddie.

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Originally commissioned by [Your Name Here] A Queer Theatre Company One-Act: 1 hour 45 min.Shared concerns spark a friendship between Georgie and Freddie.The play is a comedy which draws on the parallels and contrasts between the older, intellectual, academic, artistic couple, and the young, working class couple.An examination of faith and sobriety in a respectful, yet comic way, while using a non-linear chronology. 3M: 40-50s white, 30-40s black, 70 white 1F: 40s white Looking for Dick / Finding Jane Looking for Dick - A woman seeks her estranged brother, Dick, and encounters several people who know him intimately.Finalist for The ONeill Playwrights Conference and Nu Voices Theatre Festival One-Act: 90 min. Dick, apparently, is addicted to porn, a male prostitute, and a good friend. 2M: 20s, 50s 3F: 20s, 30s, 50s Incoming Sally and Liz, a lesbian couple, are having a baby in a most unusual way, involving an inverse gravity board, a game of Red Rover, and an ex-lover trapped under a hospital bed.Sebastian is a brilliant mathematician whose research holds the key to topple the totalitarian government.


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