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Started from the Bottom – Drake getting initiated to the ranks of rap by Lil Wayne and Birdman "(Baby)".22 – Taylor Swift going nuts on her ex-boyfriends (again). Gentleman - PSY talking how he loves people and calling himself a "Super Creepy Asian Man".(Tiffany Tynes plays Nicki Minaj, Bart plays Drake, and Tony Frazier plays Sir Mix-a-Lot.Nash Grier and Carter Reynolds also make cameo appearances.) Shake It Off – Taylor Swift using devilry to expand her fan base, until the sh*t hits the fan.What About Love – Justin Bieber is not happy that he's been cloned and challenges Austin Mahone to a swag match.We Can't Stop – Miley Cyrus being twerk-crazed and high.Confident – Justin Bieber being self-centered and spoiled again, but now he's the one throwing things.(Alphacat featured as President Obama, trying to decide whether to deport JB back to Canada.) Can't Remember to Forget You - Shakira and Rihanna talking about themselves until Chris Brown steals Rihanna and Shakira confronts the Muppets. ) Hangover – Psy and Snoop Dogg hungover and trying to remember what they did last night.

(JB also pukes a lot.) I Knew You Were Trouble – Taylor Swift going nuts on her ex-boyfriends.(Joan Rivers appears as herself and King Bach plays Pharrell.) Hello Kitty – Avril Lavigne is so disgusted about the hate she had for her music video until Chad Kroeger (her then-husband from Nickelback) decides to direct her next video (which is a rap about fried chicken). (Special guest: Brittany Furlan) Break Free – Ariana Grande killing Disney and Nickelodeon characters in space until she faces off against Katy Perry and gives her an ALS ice-bucket challenge.(King Bach returns as Big Sean and Bart plays Zedd.) Anaconda – More big butts wiggling until Sir Mix-a-Lot sics his anaconda on Nicki Minaj for ripping off his hit song "Baby Got Back".(JB also gets bottles thrown at him a lot.) The Monster – Eminem being psychoanalyzed by Rihanna and discovering his destiny.Adore You - Miley Cyrus being a whore and using Mickey Mouse for sex.In May 2017, he released his last parody with Maker Studios, due to them rebranding to Disney Digital Network.


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