Dating ladies man

Because I have your backs, you can prevent him taking advantage.

*He makes you feel so special – You can hardly believe it, he’s so into you!

There are five main components to a player’s mentality. I Come First It is key that you develop a ‘selfish’ side to your personality. Perhaps you were born with an ego and a knack for putting yourself first.

If you’re not in that camp however, it may feel unnatural to you to put your hopes, goals, dreams and desires first. This does mean that you turn into a monster and hurt other people to put yourself first.

You've just met and yet he’s dishing out attention like sweets. But watch out, passion burns out quickly with this ‘too much, too soon’ type of guy.

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Women want the prize, not the guy with his arms full of flowers begging to take her to a fancy dinner. “She Needs To Get Fucked” I wrote an article that covers this very important game technique that you can read right here. If you’re on the East Coast come through and let’s do a shot and swap stories. Instead, this means that you decide that your wants and desires will come paramount to those of a STRANGER.That stranger being a girl you just met at the mall, or a girl you’re on a date with who you met off Tinder.Learn game, adopt the law of abundance and your bed will never be cold.The beauty of the law of abundance is that women can sense that you’re not freaking out about spending some time with them.While it seems contrary to what you’ve been taught your entire life, this behavior and mindset actually Much of your status is actually PERCEIVED by people first, before they actually have any hard evidence to support it.


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