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and yes, I definitely measure the length of our relationship by football seasons.

The second was a six pack of River Rat's American Kölsch Story because he read this blog post... After half, when the home team fans began their mass exodus out of the stadium, we moved down to the lower deck to watch the rest of the game with Patrick's dad in his seats. It's an unofficial play-in game for the CFP Playoffs this year as Clemson takes on Miami and I am SO excited that the game is back in Charlotte.At this point, every conversation becomes repetitive, just louder, as characters relate their feelings to one another, just more aggressively.The main quartet are all good actors, at least when given good material, but they all strike out here, which is a feat I almost have to admire.And it’s nowhere near compelling or believable enough to be a gripping drama.All the elements are there, yet this is as hollow as independent movies get.Their smile-until-they-get-through-the-day existence is interrupted early on when Humpty’s daughter Carolina (Juno Temple) shows up, on the run from her mobster husband.


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