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As naughty as that sounded, Lucy had felt a strange pride.And now that her breasts were just big enough to wrap around his large cock, they had added tittyfucking to their repertoire.It had frustrated him at first, especially since she was not his first serious girlfriend.Given that he was her own first, she wanted to take things slow.Once or twice he had gone to the basement and had smelled a funny odor.

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At eighteen and while she was living under his roof, Lucy also knew that this was the limit.He nevertheless had plans on how to make it even less detectable and spent the next fifteen minutes doing just that.He then went up to his computer and installed the software, making sure that everything worked as expected.While part of him was flattered that Lucy would go for guys that looked like him, it also worried him a bit. "Large and tall was what proper men should look like." Without even being fully conscious of what he was doing, Bill rewound the clip to their most intense petting session and his eyes locked onto Connors's hand as it briefly squeezed Lucy's breasts. "Nothing about pot on there, so no need to keep it." He took a few deep breaths before getting up and going out to work on his car. As she browsed pictures of him from last summer, from the very day when she had met him on the beach, she smiled softly, acknowledging the faint but perceptible throb between her legs. Connor was jumping during a beach volleyball game, both his arms in the air and she could see his wide, powerful chest in full glory.As Bill watched, for the second time, that generous breast being pushed upwards, watched the young and firm flesh forced higher and higher, he couldn't deny feeling a pulse of pleasure. *** Thinking about what she had done the previous evening, Lucy smiled to herself. They both spent the rest of the summer together, kissing and hugging and petting each other as often as they could. ***** Bill was smiling as he tightened the last screw.


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