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View sample image 1497Danthe Alighieri fiorentino Commentary by Christoforo Landino; edited by Piero da Figino Published in Venetia (di quarengli da Palazago bergamasco) by Piero de Zuanne[10], ccxcvii numb. 1507Danthe Alighieri fiorentino historiado Commentary by Christoforo Landino; edited by Piero da Figino Published in Venetia by Bartholomeo de Zanne da Portese[10], ccxcviii numb. The double-page cut is signed by the well known Venetian wood engraver I.

(8o) "Aggiuntovi di piu una tavola di tutti i vocaboli piu degni d'osservatione, che a i luoghi loro sono dichiarati".

In colophon, under a cartouche of a seated cat: Appresso Domenico Nicolino, per Giouambattista, Marchio Sessa, & Fratelli, M D LXIII. 1568Dante Commentary by Bernardino Daniello da Lucca Published in Venetia by Pietro da Fino[9], 727 p. Illustrated capitals 1571Dante con nvove et vtili ispositioni Published in Lione by Guglielmo Rovillio627, [12] p. (8o) "Aggiontoui di più vna tauola di tutti i vocaboli più degni d'osseruatione, che a i luoghi loro sono dichiarati".

*Printed 3 years after Daniello's death; this is the only edition of this commentary published. VI, 106-117 were omitted through a printer's oversight.* Plates: hell; purgatory; heaven.

The Dante Catalog is maintained separately from the Five College Online Library Catalog and is arranged by date of publication. At head of canto primo: L'inferno, purgatorio, et paradiso di Dante Alighieri. 1551Dante, con nuove et utili ispositioni Published in Lyone by G. *First edition printed in France with illustrations.* Medallion port., facing right, wearing wreath and cap, above poem in honor of Dante by Giov.

An index to the subjects of the illustrations in the Divina commedia is in the process of being added to this Webpage. *This edition, the first having the commentary of Landino is remarkable for the copper plate engravings by Baldino, supposedly after sketches of Botticelli. of canto I; the 2nd, when printed, interfered with the text to such an extent that the remaining 17 (to be found in a very few copies) were printed separately and pasted in the book at the beginning of each canto of the Inferno. 1493Danthe Alegieri fiorentino Commentary by Cristoforo Landino; edited by Piero da Fighino Published in Venetia by Matheo di Chodecha da Parma[10], ccxcix, [1] numb. in text) ; 30 cm (fol.) Dated in colophon: xxix de novembre. 8o) *Very rare illustrated edition, the first printed in the smallest pocket size & a typo-graphical marvel.

Patrini scu."View sample image 1807Compositions from the Hell, Purgatory, & Paradise of Dante Alighieri Illustrated by John Flaxman; translated by H. *Sofia Giacomelli was the pseudonym for Madame Chomel*. Baldassare Lombardi Published in Roma by Stamperia de Romanis4 v. Plates: plan of hell; Mount Purgatory; plan of heaven; port.

of 1571, but having inferior press-work.* "Aggiontoni di pi vna tauola di tutti i vocaboli pi degni d' osseruatione, che ˆ i luoghi loro sono dichiarati." Printer's insignia: eagle on sphere with 2 snakes rampant "invirtute, et fortuna".

con tavole, argomenti & allegorie; & riformato, reveduto & ridotto alla sua vera lettura".

1696Compendio della Comedia di Dante Alighieri Edited by Giovanni Palazzi Published in Venetia by G.

"Con la dichiaratione de' Vocoboli piu importanti, usati dal poeta".

1578Dante Commentary by Christoforo Landino & Alessandro Vellutello; edited by Francesco Sansovino Published in Venetia by Giouambattista, Marchio Sessa, et fratelli[28], 163, 4, 164-382 leaves (t.p. 1595La divina commedia di Dante Alighieri nobile fiorentino. Published in Firenze by Domenico Manzani; facsimile published in Firenze by Accademia Della Crusca, 2000.[14], 511, [57] p., 1 leaf of plates : ill.


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