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The wait for an official disclosure -- for any type of formal acknowledgement of the truth -- has been agonizingly slow and protracted.It is easy to lose hope; to feel beaten down and defeated by seeing the same old games playing themselves out over and over again.Our planet will become the peaceful oasis that we always wanted it to be -- without having to indulge in increasingly escapist "wishful thinking" to imagine.The universe is not built for intelligent civilizations to live in as much fear and pain as we have been doing here.Have they been interacting with our planet throughout our entire recorded history?

One of those insiders has now come forward in video testimony we taped here at Divine Cosmos headquarters, and will be releasing for free on You Tube once the massive scope of the project is complete.All prior movies, TV shows and media discussions will immediately become hopelessly outdated -- like folksy black-and-white programs from "the old days." Many aspects of our society, including popular movies and music, will be forever altered in the eyes of the public.We will learn that the same group has been covertly manipulating our society and creating wars since at least the times of the Roman Empire.For those who are already clamoring for it, bear in mind that quality is much more important than speed with something this significant.With that being said, the Alliance is urging us to finish it as soon as possible. " The Cabal responsible for the cover-up is not going to stay secret much longer.That time may be approaching much sooner than we think.


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