Divorced adult chat

Nothing the targeted parent could do or say makes any difference to these children.Alienated children often make accusations toward the targeted parent that utilize phrases and ideas adopted from the alienating parent.They deny any positive past experiences and reject all contact and communication.Parents who were once loved and valued seemingly overnight become hated and feared.

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In all cases, the alienated child will side with the alienating parent, regardless of how absurd or baseless that parent’s position may be.Gratitude for gifts, favors, or child support provided by the targeted parent is nonexistent.Children with parental alienation syndrome will try to get whatever they can from that parent, declaring that it is owed to them.Not only is the targeted parent denigrated, despised, and avoided but so are his or her extended family.Formerly beloved grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are suddenly and completely avoided and rejected.This presentation is in contrast to the fact that most children have mixed feelings about even the best of parents and can usually talk about each parent as having both good and bad qualities.


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