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A former communist official, a director of a firm that was receiving the goods transported by Traian Băsescu by ship, said on Antena 3 TV that without payment of a bribe Traian Băsescu refused to bring the goods in the country.Concurrently with his second term in Parliament, from November 1996 to June 2000, Băsescu also served as Minister of Transport in the center-right governments of Victor Ciorbea, Radu Vasile, and Mugur Isărescu.In December 1997, he gave an interview to Claudiu Săftoiu of the newspaper Evenimentul Zilei, in which he accused Prime Minister Victor Ciorbea of not implementing enough reforms, although Ciorbea was accused by the Socialist opposition of being excessively reformist.(Romanian MPs were, by default, granted immunity from prosecution of any kind.) In 2004, the case was brought before the High Court of Cassation and Justice, however the judges decided to send it back to the Prosecutor's Office citing procedural errors (the signature of a prosecutor was missing).In December 2007, the Romanian National Anti-corruption Directorate (Direcția Națională Anticorupție), a subdivision of the General Prosecutor Office, decided to end the investigation, based on the opinion of financial expertse that there was no prejudicial dealings by the Romanian association NM Petromin SA Constanța with the Norwegian Torvald Klaveness Group between April 1991 and August 2000.Băsescu Traian was born in Basarabi (renamed Murfatlar in 2007), near the port city of Constanța, the largest Romanian port on the Black Sea. Băsescu and his wife Maria have two daughters: Ioana (b. Between 19, he served as captain on Romanian commercial ships.


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