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To use automatic index configuration, add the attribute , then disable automatic index configuration and test your app in the development server.

This makes it easy to maintain indexes without having to manage two files, and ensures that your testing will reproduce errors caused by missing index configuration. If the index configuration defines an index that doesn't exist yet, App Engine creates the new index.

Once you have installed Maven Integration for Eclipse successfully you can tweak some of the default settings by going to on the POM editor preference form.

Switch it on if you rather edit the POM XML source directly instead of the POM form.

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As described on the Datastore Indexes page, an index is a table of values for a set of given properties for entities of a given kind.

M2eclipse provides a label decorator that shows you the Maven version number on a project node in the project explorer. This tells Eclipse to resolve dependencies between workspace projects directly instead of going through the local Maven repository.

This is convenient if you are working on several projects at the same time in the same workspace that have compile dependencies among each other and you don't want to one project in order for your changes to be visible to the other project.

Depending on how much data is already in Cloud Datastore that needs to be mentioned in the new index, the process of creating the index can take a while.

If the app performs a query that requires an index that hasn't finished building yet, the query will raise an exception.


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