Exercise and diet in weight management updating what works

Next, 2 subcommittee members and the epidemiologist conducted full-text reviews of the selected articles.

Although many subcommittee members have extensively published articles on topics covered in this guideline, articles were not preferentially selected on the basis of authorship.

Of the topics covered in the outline, ∼80% were researched by using a Patient, Intervention/Indicator, Comparison, Outcome, and Time (PICOT) format to address the following key questions: To address these key questions, a systematic search and review of literature was performed.

The initial search included articles published between the publication of the Fourth Report (January 2004) and August 2015.

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The outline contained a list of primary and secondary topics generated to guide a thorough literature search and meet the goal of providing an up-to-date systemic review of the literature pertaining to the diagnosis, management, and treatment of pediatric HTN as well as the prevalence of pediatric HTN and its associated comorbidities.A detailed list of subcommittee members and affiliations can be found in the Consortium section at the end of this article.A listing of subcommittee members with conflicts of interest will be included in the forthcoming technical report.The process used to conduct the systematic review was consistent with the recommendations of the Institute of Medicine for systematic reviews.For the topics not researched by using the PICOT format, separate searches were conducted.I'm quite reluctant to go to my GP because after spending about 7 months constantly in the surgery last year updating painkillers and nausea pills I don't want them to think I'm addicted to medical attention.


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