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MAIN TITLES PLAY OVER THIS SEQUENCE which culminates in a SHOT OF... CUT TO: PHILADELPHIA'S GLORIOUSLY ORNATE CITY HALL (EXT./DAY) ... A moment before it sinks in, then: Andrew clenches his fist in a victory salute. SEIDMAN You'll have to get right on it, Andy, we're up against the statute of limitations. Moreover, the laws of copyright and anti-trust were enacted to prevent exactly the kind of bullshit Macrosystems is trying to pull. Or, more specifically, senior associate Andrew Beckett. (picking up a phone, speaking Japanese) Connichiwa.

Most of the people in the room look SICKER than Andrew. Andrew is distracted by A HISPANIC MAN across the room, rolling up his sleeve for an IV -- his bare arms, hands, face and neck are marked with PURPLE BLOTCHES. Jamey trots up a marble staircase, two steps at a time TO: JAMEY RUNS LIKE HELL DOWN A THIRD FLOOR CORRIDOR, FOOTSTEPS making a racket... began construction, the surrounding residential neighborhood has been enshrouded in a cloud of foul-smelling, germ-carrying, pestilent dust. Jamey rushes toward a door marked "JUDGE TATE." RAISED VOICES from inside Judge Tate's chambers: JOSEPH MILLER (OS) This construction site is causing mortal and irreparable harm to an unsuspecting public! My client is being forced to breathe known carcinogens daily! He punches out of the conference, back to his Mom (glancing over his shoulder to make sure the door is ). (conference call) Yes, I think that would alleviate most of our concerns. Needing a reference, he shoves his rolling chair away from the computer... Andrew is wearing a Walkman, the source of the CLASSICAL MUSIC, and he's reading a legal brief.


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