Flex validating combobox

For example, the Drop Down List control only lets the user select from a list of predefined items in the control.The Combo Box control lets the user either select a predefined item, or enter a new item into the prompt area.In your skin class, create a skin part named drop Indicator, in the To skin the component, implement a skin that defines the following states.

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For example, 'a Riz' is a match to "Arizona" while 'riz' is not.Scott's solution involved calling a method to set the value, and I really think that the selected Value property should be used to be consistent with how Combo Box itself works.Ray's solution allows for a property to be set (he defined a new property for this), but his solution would not work for me as my data Provider was being populated after the control had been created (it is being populated by a call to a CFC). It's bit more complex than what Scott and Ray suggested, but it does support selected Value, it'll also allow that property to be changed as needed (even after control creation), and it also properly handles delayed data Provider population.Dispatched by the drag initiator (the component that is the source of the data being dragged) when the drag operation completes, either when you drop the dragged data onto a drop target or when you end the drag-and-drop operation without performing a drop.skin part is not specified in the List skin, then an instance of this class is created and used for the default drop indicator during drag and drop operations where the List is a potential drop target.For information about creating an item renderer, see Custom Spark item renderers.


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