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I am a 26 y/o swf looking to meet Heathens in the CT area, however, I would like e-pals from all over. I have widened my Wiccan path and for the past two years have devoted myself solely to the study and practice of Asatru. Contact me if you'd like to attend a "Meet the Heathens" dinner (held monthly) or if you're hosting an event so that I can pass the information along.

I have been a Heathen for approximately six years and have had some rough times with it, but hey, that's life. I have friends (such as Midian) who are incarcerated and really, truly want to find out more info on your org. Our kindred isn't interested in growing larger, but in helping people to meet and grow the larger community.

We welcome especially those working with the Nine Doors of Midgard Program by Yrmin Drighten Edred Thorsson.

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Crisis Text Line Text DBSA to 741-741 | website Lifeline Crisis Chat Visit website to learn more and chat Includes many local 24-hour hotlines along with support for suicide survivors, suicide prevention, and suicide statistics.

Lesions or inhibition of LDTg or PPTg neurons reduce morphine-induced increases in forebrain DA release, acquisition of morphine CPP or self-administration.

We propose a circuit model that links VTA and RMTg GABA with LDTg and PPTg neurons critical for DA-dependent opioid effects in drug-naïve rodents.

On the other hand we also celebrate the Asatru Blots and welcome Asatruar and Odians to participate.

Moreover we are interested in educating folk and reviving our culture.


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