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Leo was marketed as gay for pay R125 then he came out as bi. He did one scene for the straight eyes/gay eyes site and it was even worse the any of the gay scenes he did.

He looked uncomfortable and looked at the camera most of the time.

Jeremy Bilding did A LOT of bareback on Jake Cruise/Cocksure men and he was signed to a CR1 exclusive contract.

If you have a facebook page R111 sign in and copy R78's link then paste it after you are signed in.

Enrico Vega = George Flores I do not know Carlos Morales' last name, but in those interview sessions Michael Lucas always has, he addresses him as Ivan.

Speaking of which, Michael Lucas cannot be that dude's real name.

Leo has to have some serious issues for Randy Blue and Falcon not to want to work with him.

He may have been a blah performer, but he's one of the bigger stars in gay porn at the moment, and would elicit more interest than most anyone else.


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