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I just attended my first alternative lifestyle event at X Club as a single woman.

It took a lot of courage to get myself there and I am so glad I did! The tone is set right at the front door with the doorman being an absolute gentleman.

After this we changed to nude and entered the very nice classy open lounge from where we have heard an excited woman moaning for long. I got up and danced for a while and started feeling the sensuous atmosphere. It was amazing to watch other people out there and be allowed to fool around too. The sounds, the passion, the greatness of the whole thing. It was nothing like we had ever experienced before. The cleanliness of the club made us feel safe, the entire staff made us feel very welcome (in particular the staff member who gave us a tour of the back area) and the patrons were very respectful of our privacy and when we were being watched it was done with a high level of class. It was never “bad” before-but it is REALLY good now.

We occupied the last of three small lounge beds and had a great time with the two other couples having fun very close to us. No more strip joints where you just get to sit and watch, doing nothing. We were blown away by the X Club and are very happy to be members going forward. We attended Saturday night with our girlfriend who also remarked it was a party unlike any other and is asking to come back!

I look forward to attending many other theme nights. I am sure I will be attending the Gigilo night for an evening of fun and laughter. Definitely the best nights out we’ve had and they’ve sparked our relationship and moved it to a new level.

I look forward to enjoying many more great evenings. The Halloween party was completely amazing and the limo rides from and to the hotel made it all that much more special with absolutely nothing to worry about; just had to relax and enjoy ourselves.

I had such a great time (in fast 2 days later and I’m still thinking about it! I think you all have done a wonderful job of creating fun, relaxed, and intriguing venue for swingers to come have some fun! I was also worried that he (Hubby) and I might not be clear on etiquette and do something sexually unacceptable in the wrong area. So we learned the rules and understood that everyone there respects everyone else and the club itself. We saw rooms and rooms just waiting for someone to come in. He told us to figure out why this one was so popular…. Tara AND Rueben) both kept my party dancing all night long looking for more. I can’t thank you enough for making the X club the place we knew it could be.

I’m trying to surprise her with something at the club but need a little bit of help in deciding.

We also have a room at the Residence Inn for the night.

She knows we’re going out that night but doesn’t know that I’m trying to set up something to surprise her.

A club that doesn’t create a divide between regular life and the lifestyle, but instead embraces and melds both…love it! We got to the door and we were greeted by one of the owners, who welcomed us inside and told us once we were in, he would personally give us a tour. How there are rules and they are strictly policed by staff. Even at the end of the night we thought the same lol. Have a great week and we may be seeing you sooner than we thought.

My partner and I have become members and very much look forward to making X Club our regular spot. Where else can you go that you meet the owner and they give you a tour? Cheers Karin and Nick” Been going to The X Club for 4 years. Sexy, inviting, friendly, non-aggressive and a Woman’s Playground.


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