Free sex hookups in orange county

When weekend evenings roll around, it’s time to break free from the monotonous, grueling work and responsibilities.Hookups are cheap and easy – cheaper and easier than partying and most other evening social activities.It requires no commitment, no thought and no romance. According to Donna Freitas’ article “Sex Education,” which appeared April 4 in the Wall Street Journal, many students feel not only dissatisfied but also ashamed by their hookups.In Freitas’ survey of 2,500 college students nationwide, 41 percent said they felt upset by their behavior.Freitas argues that the campus environment puts pressure on students to conform to the hookup culture and that it would require an “18-year-old of superhuman strength to stand up to the pressures of most college environments.” However, avoiding hookups doesn’t require superhuman strength. Further, I’ve never heard any student say that they hooked up just because everyone else was hooking up.Students hook up for a variety of reasons, and peer pressure is often just a minor factor.Whether this relaxed attitude regarding sex is good is debatable, but the upshot is that sex isn’t anything special or private anymore.Perhaps most important, however, is the cheap thrill that sex offers college students.

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The question, then, is why students engage in sexual behavior that often leaves them feeling dirty, empty and miserable.The center even lends out books on how to make sex more stimulating and pleasurable.Residential peer health counselors are also equipped with condoms for students who find themselves in a jam. Students take advantage of free food and free alcohol, so why not take advantage of free sex?Sometimes it’s with a partner, but oftentimes it’s with a friend, acquaintance or random person they just happen to meet over a game of Pong.This is what we call the “hookup,” a one-night, no-strings-attached sexual experience.Any one of these picks will give you the chance to pick a little, talk a little and maybe if you’re lucky you’ll be making everyone who had a good Valentine’s Day a little jealous.


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