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”, We didn't not tell Cristina that for the first three minutes we kept asking ourselves “Did this very femi-nine Cristina use to be a man? Then one of us finally dared: “Are you trans yourself? But alas, it would be an overstatement to see them as a proof for integration.They still have to integrate within the “transgender people of color,” and they rarely venture outside the borders of their own community.Through the bell did not work very well, the brand new FIERCE!(Fabulous Independent Radical for the Community Empowerment!We sat behind the computer and rallied as we discovered a transgender yoga program for and by transgender people at the LGBT Community Center, a week-long Camp Trans for trans-gender people and allies in Michigan, and an art gallery in a gay church supporting LGBT artists.We marveled at the spirit organizers, social workers, doctors, entertainers, lawyers, and spiritual leaders that make up the community.It is easy to forget the harsh and unforgiving contempt that transgender people have to face every day.

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Then there are a slew of specialized organizations that serve to empower, inspire, and support alternative lifestyles. " mocks Sequida, a drag queen extraordinaire and host of the weekly talent search at Barrcuda, as she plays out an incident with a little girl she had encountered on the street. For that moment, Sequida turns her focus to her identity and makes us laugh at the ridiculous social constructions of sex and gender. Sequida, a women of transgender experience, has the figure of Tyra Banks and the crudeness and humor of Dave Chappelle.Maybe it is ignored, maybe nobody wants to serve the people it serves, but in this place, God causes less trouble than anywhere else.Among the patrons, mostly white middleclass gay men, we observe some African American men, a few women, and a handful of trans-gender men and women are seated at the back of the room.Why then isn't the majority of transgender people, immigrants especially, part of this community-network? Whoever seeks the answer should pay a visit to the Metropolitan Church Community of New York City (MCCNYC) that serves the LGBT community.


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