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A concierge is the person who cares for your luggage, arranges tours, makes theater and restaurant reservations, etcetera.

In other words, the concierge is the person in charge of providing each guest with services, both inside the hotel and outside, that would make the guests’ stay as pleasant as possible.

My mom and I finally arrived to my humble abode here in the midwest.

Some clients are amazed when they hear it read back to them.

Even creepy would be safe with me, however; the woman can be as frank as she wishes because I will discuss my client’s life with nobody — not even my husband.

On the basis of the interview, I put together a complete portfolio with details about the woman’s background, children, birthdays, anniversaries, pets, pets’ birthdays, and the holidays she celebrates.

I'm going to die a traumatic death that will likely involve freezing to death in my car under a mountain of snow, trying to survive as long as possible on diet coke and a couple shots of Captain Morgan I had left in a small cooler in the backseat.

Ten years ago I met Jim Terry on the Great Expectations dating site.


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