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These are also great things to explore and experience while on your vacation in Branson.

It is certainly not everything, but will give you a good start! From its life-like King Kong and Empire State Building outside the Hollywood Wax Museum (3030 W 76) to its massive theatres and eclectic collection of hotels, Branson boasts some of the largest and most unique architecture.

Located near the fire station, the garden consists of several ponds with fountains and waterfalls, a cute cedar chapel, a covered area for musical and theatre performances, and an array of flower beds.

Come and see the Ten Commandments inscribed on two large, black stone tablets.

This ballpark facility will be inside the old Red Roof Outlet Mall off of W 76.Attend the Parent Orientation, and have your child take the placement test.Meet with your instructor to learn about Kumon’s individualized learning method, and review the results from your child’s placement test. Students will attend the center twice a week, and complete daily assignments at home.Dubbed "the ultimate baseball tournament facility", The Ballparks of Branson are set to open this summer and will initially offer free admission to guests watching a game.Soon this brand-new, unique youth league complex will feature miniaturized major league stadiums, including Chicago's Wrigley field, Tiger Stadium of Detroit, a replica of Busch Stadium and more at a 2/3 scale of their real-life counterparts.Constructed of oak, maple, and cedar in pioneer fashion, the Edwards Mill is designed after a woodsy Maine lodge once displayed at the famous 1904 World's Fair.


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