Intimidating eye black designs

If Kirby loses a life against Dark Matter in its true form, but has lives to spare, he will have to fight Dark Matter's first form again. Kirby's Animal Friends and even an awakened King Dedede celebrated as their benefactor rode his Rainbow Sword through the air.

With one last wave of the sword, Kirby restored the islands' rainbows and reversed Dark Matter's plans.

This catches the interest of Dark Matter, which splits into three smaller cloudy orbs that follow her and shatter the Crystal, the pieces of which fall across several different planets across the galaxy.

Three dark orbs (perhaps the ones that shattered the Crystal) each investigate the immediate crash site of the fallen fairy (Planet Popstar) and possess a Waddle Dee (turning it into a Waddle Doo), a painter named Adeleine, and King Dedede because they each find a Crystal shard (and join Kirby afterward).

Dark Matter first terrorized Planet Popstar in Kirby's Dream Land 2 by stealing the Rainbow Bridges that connect the Rainbow Islands of Dream Land.

Taking control of King Dedede, the sinister being hid itself away in Dark Castle, plotting a future of darkness for Dream Land.

Dark Matter made its last major appearance in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

Since then, it has had cameo appearances across the Kirby series, but it returned in Kirby: Planet Robobot as a clone to fight.

This time it attacks in a pattern, first releasing four of its purple orbs at Kirby twice in a row, then shooting dark beams in a circular motion twice more, then launching itself forward three times, and finally shooting two thunderbolts from its eye three times.

After Kirby defeats 0's eye, the threat ends and everything returns to normal as the Love-Love Stick emits a light which eradicates the alien cloud.

It explodes with blue, yellow and red streaks, presumably shooting into the atmosphere and forming as the planet's new rings.

The only way Kirby can fight Dark Matter is to collect all of the Rainbow Drops and defeat King Dedede, who has fallen into an unnatural sleep.

Once this is completed, the Rainbow Drops form the Rainbow Sword.


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