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Two tracks from the Eighties also feature: Dream Of Me is a song from Alison’s childhood in Illinois; show tune River In The Rain is a Broadway blockbuster that would work well in the hands of super-fan Adele.After she made Raising Sand ‘for fun’, Krauss was taken aback by its huge sales and the glut of Grammy Awards that followed (with 27, she has more than any other female singer).She joined the music industry at an early age, winning local contests by the age of ten. She signed with Rounder Records in 1985 and released her first solo album in 1987.Alison Maria Krauss was born on July 23, 1971, in Decatur, Illinois. Her father was a German immigrant who came to the United States in 1952 and taught his native language.Windy City might not reach quite the same heights, but it’s a welcome return from a significant talent.While his old bandmates John and Paul spent much of the Seventies squabbling, George Harrison was the ex-Beatle who got on with making music.

The title track, from 1972, is a bittersweet ballad set in Chicago.The lovesick Losing You, originally sung by Brenda Lee, provides a superb start.A heartbreak ballad on the cusp of jazz and country, it exerts a powerful emotional tug by augmenting Krauss’s impeccable diction with guitar, piano and strings.As she showed a decade ago on the garlanded Raising Sand, Alison Krauss is a dab hand at putting a modern sheen on classic styles.That album of duets with Robert Plant looked to the past as it exhumed some lesser-known blues and country hits, but it never felt like an exercise in nostalgia.It now featured mandolins Adam Steffey, banjoist/guitarist Ron Block, bassist Barry Bales, and guitarist Tim Stafford; Stafford later left the group and was replaced by Dan Tyminski.


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