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Jahangir was defeated, but ultimately succeeded his father as Emperor in 1605 due to the immense support and efforts of the ladies in Akbar's harem like Ruqaiya Sultan Begum, Salima Sultan Begum and his grandmother Maryam Makani.The ladies wielded considerable influence over Akbar and favoured Jahangir as his successor.[1] The first year of Jahangir's reign saw a rebellion organized by his eldest son Khusrau Mirza.The only major reversal to the expansion came in 1622 when Shahanshah Abbas, the Safavid Emperor of Persia, captured Kandahar while Jahangir was battling his rebellious son, Khusrau in Hindustan.The rebellion of Khurram absorbed Jahangir's attention, so in the spring of 1623 he negotiated a diplomatic end to the conflict.Much of India was politically pacified; Jahangir's dealings with the Hindu rulers of Rajputana were particularly successful, and he settled the conflicts inherited from his father.The Hindu rulers all accepted Mughal supremacy and in return were given high ranks in the Mughal aristocracy.In 1622, Khurram murdered his blinded elder brother Khusrau in order to eliminate all possible contenders to the throne.

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Jahangir's forces chased Khurram and his troops from Fatehpur Sikri to the Deccan, to Bengal and back to the Deccan, until Khurram surrendered unconditionally in 1626.

Jahangir specifically warned his nobles that they "should not force Islam on anyone” as mentioned in the Qur'an. Edward Terry, an English chaplain in India at the time, saw a ruler under which "all Religions are tolerated and their Priests [held] in good esteem." Jahangir enjoyed debating theological subtleties with Brahmins, especially about the possible existence of avatars.

Both Sunnis and Shias were welcome at court, and members of both sects gained high office.

Prince Salim forcefully succeeded to the throne on Thursday, 21st Jumadi II, 1014 AH/ 3 November 1605, eight days after his father's death.

Salim ascended to the throne with the title of Nur-ud-din Muhammad Jahangir Badshah Ghazi, and thus began his 22-year reign at the age of 36.


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