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Several times he repeated tres, tres, tres, with that insistence he had for repeating words and deforming them, tresss, trisss, trieesss, tril, trilssss. He hesitated for a moment, then exclaimed: '0.k.' 1'11 use my own name but the book will be called Trilce.' " Trilce contains seventy-seven poems and to anyone who has read Latin Amencan poeuy written before it, it is a very suange book indeed - it seems to come out of nowhere.He stammered and in the iisp carne out trilsssce... André Coyné, Vallejo's most astute cntic, states: "In Trilce there is no universe, nor objects, except those furtively introduced across the unadorned and familiar world of the hearth and love; we are presented only with rapid sensations, glimpsed in a semiconscious or semivigilant state, and (now that the eye hardly has a role) received iike shocks and indicated solely by a painful resonance always without resolution - a resonance that is internal, visceral....A year later, with family aid, he again tried the university, this time in Lima.

Those dates that are unbracketed are, as far as can be detennined, the dates Vallejo put to each poem upon its completion: 1968 by Grove Press, Inc.

On the same day, at dawn, one of the greatest poets of the modern era cried out in delirium from his deathbed in a Parisian clinic, "1 am going to Spain! " César Abraham Vallejo was born in the medieval Andean town of Santiago de Chuco, in northern Peru, on March 16, The youngest of eleven children, César grew up in a home saturated in religious devotion; his family openly hoped he would become a priest.

Juan Larrea and Juan Espejo, fnends and biographers of the poet, speak of the profound anguish in Vallejo caused by the conflict between the spiritual and the worldly - especially in regard to his erotic experiences - which had its roots in the deep idealism, the sense of sin, -md, and evil, of such Catholic upbringing.

He rode into a town feud that had been smoldering since the last elections.

On the last Sunday of the festival violence broke out - a deputy was killed and the general store, owned by a family whose political ties were opposed to those of the \-allejo family, was burned to the ground.


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