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My credits can be found at the Internet Movie Database EXTRA STUFF Here’s a video of me reading my story Boris, King of the Unicycle!

June 9, 2007, am Filed under: My Publications | Tags: author, fiction, hobart, imdb, japanzine, juked, matador travel network, mcsweeney's internet tendency, mike jones not a rapper, Mike Jones writer, non fiction, screenplays, see you next tuesday, tokyo expats Hello. My name seems far too common to properly Google and I can assure you that I am not a rapper. Gia – from Pequin Fuck Machine – from Pequin Random Excerpts From My New Line Of Travel Guides To Cities That I have Never Been To – from Monkeybicycle Bevanurd Felladivity – from Juked Excuse Me, Mr Jenkins?

This was written by lubutt17 but disappeared along with his other stories.

Luanne was 18 years old and a freshman at --- College.

The purpose of this blog is to provide links to my work.

I’d also like to remind you that if you’ve been here before and everything looks the same to you, it might not be. This is a strange sort of blog of my own doing and manipulation and as a result it will always be one simple page. So scroll through, you might see something that you didn’t see the last time that you were here. FICTION (In no particular order.) Glimpses into Greatness: Word Sun Tan Champion, Lank Bronze – from Faiyo Nahlednuti do slavy: Lank Bronze, mistr sveta v opalovani – (Czech Translation) – from Faiyo Ken Kofola Was Good at Everything – from Word Riot Petals Over People – from Faiyo Vlada Okveti – (Czech Translation) – from Faiyo Loudspeaker Psalms – from Faiyo Tlampacove Psalms (Czech Translation) – from Faiyo Italia – from Faiyo Italia (Czech Translation) – from Faiyo The New Guy – from Faiyo Novej Chlap – from Faiyo *This is the Czech translation of my story “The New Guy”. – from Word Riot The Robot – from Hobart Boris, King of the Unicycle!


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