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“They are all treated the same as a sexually violent predator,” he said.So Wiener this legislative session is carrying a long-gestating proposal that could give some registered sex offenders in California a way off the list.

But if you’re 21 or older and convicted of having sex with a 16-year-old, you can petition only after 10 years.

“Once they hear that the police chiefs, the district attorneys and the rape crisis centers are all supporting and sponsoring the measure, that’s usually enough.” But given the potential challenges of revisiting the issue in 2018 (“Everything’s harder in an election year,” Wiener said), he gutted and amended another of his remaining bills last week to reintroduce the sex offender registry legislation.

Senate Bill 384 is back in the Assembly Public Safety Committee today for its first hearing, and must pass both houses of the Legislature before the end of the week to be considered by the governor this year. The Alpine Republican introduced Senate Joint Resolution 10 this year to condemn persecution in China of practitioners of the spiritual practice Falun Gong, including reports that the country is harvesting the organs of political prisoners. 1, he says, the Chinese consulate in San Francisco sent a letter to the Legislature decrying Falun Gong as an “evil cult” and stating that SJR 10 “may deeply damage the cooperative relations between the State of California and China and seriously hurt the feelings of Chinese people and the vast Chinese community in California.” That same day, the resolution was referred from the Senate floor back to the rules committee, where it has not moved from since. MUST READ: There are more opioid prescriptions than people in some California counties.

The board issues a recommendation on the petition, which goes back to the judge, who then decides whether or not registrants are likely to reoffend, based on evidence about their criminal record and any treatment they’ve received.

The petition process involves filing fees and potential legal fees.


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