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"We blocked the ability of men to send photos to women because men were misbehaving in some photos.

The list included deleting first contact between users that contained sexual references, disallowing contact between users with greater than a 14-year age difference and elimination of the "Intimate Encounters" category of dating, Frind attributes the recent increase in hook up offers to the increase in mobile application use. "We went from 20 percent mobile to 70 percent in a year-and-a-half." Frind relayed that the mobile app use is later at night and more casual with more condensed messages. "When men send messages, they try to do it in the minimum amount of words possible," Frind noted."For the most part, everyone was very, very happy," Frind concluded.As a former Plenty of Fish subscriber (who left because I caught my fish), I experienced my fair share of undesirable offers. Frind are certain to make for happier hunting, I mean fishing. " This was the one and only line I received from one guy whose picture I suspected was fake based on his resemblance to a male model posing for an underwear ad. As many of you online daters know, these types of emails are BIG RED FLAGS."Myopic." This was the word used to describe me when I told a 65-year-old man that he was too old for me (I was probably 36 at the time). Wanna Come Over to ask if this ever actually worked for him. Neither of these men was looking for real relationships.If you can fit the bill, however, the site gives you awesome features.


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